quarta-feira, 7 de janeiro de 2009



Last night, Tânia's conditions got worst and the doctor told her mother and her boyfriend that she might need a device to work instead of her heart. Her heart's so weak that might not resist all the medicine she must have.
Since this morning her condition got ever worst and the doctor called all is crew to get advices in what to do next. She needs a new heart right now or she is going to get one artificial. Her's just isn't working anymore, both ventricles are almost collapsed.

Please pray for her.

I talked to her mother at lunch time and she didn't know what was going to happen because she needs the artificial heart but because of the ventricles she might not resist, it's a very dangerous operation and she's so weak for it.

Now, I called her mother again. The doctors are asking for an urgent heart in every hospital, to try to get one today or tomorrow maximum. They do prefer to do a transplant and then Tânia will recover then put on the artificial heart because they are not sure if she will resist this.

Please, pray a lot.

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  1. YES! WE CAN!!!
    Tânia will be saved!

    Our God took her in Your/our light!

    With my love..

  2. Count with us, Tânia... Do not give up!
    God bless you today, tomorrow... Ever...

  3. We'll pray and we'll wait. This is going to be a long night and we are expecting that a new day brings good news.

    Tânia, estamos todos por ti.

  4. Uma situação muito difícil e que ninguém devia ter que enfrentar. Os meus pensamentos estão contigo Tânia, mesmo não te conhecendo, e saberás de certeza que coragem, determinação e o nunca deixar de acreditar são a contribuição que podes dar para o desfecho feliz que todos desejamos que aconteça. Não desistas.

  5. May these prayers be answered, and may joy come in the morning.

    Blather From Brooklyn

  6. This is terrible... I'll keep praying and sending good vibes for her.

  7. Desde la óptica de la meditación, te deseo mucha fuerza, optimismo y serenidad:

    He llegado
    Estoy en casa
    en el aquí
    en el ahora.
    Soy estable
    Soy libre.

    Tich Nhat Hanh


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