sexta-feira, 9 de janeiro de 2009

Clubby- Lüneburg, Alemanha

I was deeply moved by her situation, and although I dont know Snowshoee, she is one of us. So all the way from Northgermany I am sending my best wishes for her. I dont really know how to express my feelings, but I am so so sorry for her and for the ones who love her. Its so hard to see a loved one suffer, not knowing what to do. And hardly enough, often there is nothing you can do but sending your love and holding on in your faith that there will come better days. Dont give up your hope, we are far away but our thoughts are with you.
I dont know what I can say more, this unfair situations take our words away and all we can do is stay together so that we are not alone in such dark moments. Its so simply and often said, but hope and love is all we have.
I wish Snowshoee the strengh to hold on, to live on, and I pray for he news that there is a heart found, that she could have the chance to live on.

So, the best vibes are on there way, over the borders of two languades, I hope you understand me right.

Snowshoee, sei stark, kämpfe weiter, wehre dich mit aller Kraft und gib nicht auf!


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