domingo, 11 de janeiro de 2009

Axelia- Québec, Canada

Received by Flavio Valsani- São Paulo, Brasil

Reproduzo aqui mensagem de um de meus contatos do flickr -Axelia - uma canadense, que acompanhou um caso similar ao da Tânia e que chegou a bom termo... No link, há a história e foto do paciente após o transplante com a família...
Continuamos torcendo...

Silence (by Azhut)

Dear Flavio,

I pray every day and I am offering all my troubles for Tania.
I have a friend and neighbor who was diagnosed with an important heart problem in 1992. He was only 28 years old. He received medication for 8 years with success.
In January 2001, his desease could not be treated anymore with medication. His kindneys were in real bad shape. His name was put on a list for transplantation in May 2001.
In January 2002, he had a mechanical heart. He had a transplant of a human being heart in December 2002. Since that time, he has a normal life.

Please meet my friend René Chabot and his nice family, here on the Web.
There is the story and you can see there a picture of the whole famiy on the bottom of the page.

WEB LINK : Chab Invitation

Please tell Tania that healing is possible !!
I am sending her my UNDONDITIONAL LOVE and my FAITH.
Hugs hugs and baci Flavio. I wish you a good week end.Axelia

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